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K2 Spice Spray Bizarro

K2 spice spray is a type of Synthetic cannabinoids are a sort of chemical that binds to the same receptors as THC and CBD in cannabis plants. They are designer pharmaceuticals that are frequently sprayed onto plant matter and smoked,  however they have also been consumed as a concentrated liquid form in the United States and the United Kingdom since 2016. With names like K2, Spice, and Synthetic Marijuana, they’ve been sold as “herbal incense” or “herbal smoking mixtures.

K2 Spice spray 25ml bottle.

No odor, no color.

This 25Ml will spray a whole A4 sheet paper.

The dimension of A4 sheet paper is 8.5 by 11 inches, or a letter size.


K2 liquid spray on paper

We offer odorless and colorless K2 spray of the highest quality. 25ml of k2 spray is required to cover a full A4 sheet of paper. Incense spray refers to marijuana in liquid form. Thisk2 liquid spray is made in a lab using a proprietary process. To obtain the intended effect and qualities, natural herbs are used throughout the process.

Synthetic weed

K2 spice spray is a spice spray (K2, Synthetic Marijuana, Synthetic Weed Drug Test, k2 weed, bizarro, bizarro liquid incense, k2 spray on paper, k2 spray for sale, K2 spray chemical). It’s important to remember that marijuana tests can’t tell whether you’re using synthetic marijuana or not. Only a test designed particularly for this chemical will be capable of detecting it.

Bizarro Liquid Incense for Sale:

After a hard day, the Buy Bizarro Fresh Liquid Incense Spray 5ml is the ideal way to relax and unwind. K2 spice spray is a combination of natural scents (herbal incense) and strong herbs that will heighten your consciousness and stimulate your senses. K2 Spray is our most powerful aromatherapy product (we do not recommend this product for beginners). It is unfit for ingestion by humans. This product should not be used by anybody under the age of eighteen.

K2 spice spray

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